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Caturra is a dwarf coffee mutation with high yields and quality. Characterized by thick branches and densely spaced points, Caturra is notorious for growing more beans in less space and represents half of Colombia's crop. Riding meccas like Manizales require a local to make the most of private land access, singletrack and social trails for a route that flows. We'll take you deep into remote countryside and show you that "well-traveled" means pairing highlights and local secrets fluidly to provide the most memorable riding vacation possible.


We limit our tour size to ensure there's one guide for every core group of riders. This keeps us spry and nimble on the trail and allows us to break into smaller groups for a different pace/skill set when necessary. Some things are better with less.


Assemble 5 riders for one FREE admission. We incentivize riders who want to travel together. Reach out to ensure the discount is applied at the time of booking. 


Do you have a +1 who wants to join but doesn't ride? Great, there's lots to see and do in Manizales. While we ride, a local guide dedicated to companions will provide the same all-inclusive treatment. We'll take a survey and formulate a plan based on interests and activities. Companions will be reunited with the group after the ride is complete so your travels are a shared experience. 

Hacienda Venecia
  • Soak up tranquility with a Colombian coffee plantation tour 
  • 100 years of tradition and embodies the region's history and architecture 
  • Join a barista, chocolate or plantain workshop 
  • Hike through vast coffee fields under a canopy of native trees
  • Hang out at the pool in lovely climate with panoramic vistas 
Finca Romelia
  • Experience a culture of preservation and biodiversity
  • Hike through an active orchid farm
  • Remarkable bird watching opportunities
  • Traditional Colombian cooking class; prepare a soup, main course and desert
Termales el Otoño
  • Soak in the hot springs after a long hike or trail run
  • Three pools with different temperatures provide the perfect setting for wellness therapies 
  • Spa and beauty therapies available
  • Enjoy a nice cocktail and appreciate the vibes 
Los Nevados Natural Park
  • Home to Nevado del Ruiz volcano @ 17,784 ft.
  • Make your way to the highest point of its snowfields
  • Explore its spectacular craters, La Olleta and Alto de la Piranha.
  • Hot springs and lunch at an amazing restaurant
City Tour
  • Get a local's walking tour
  • Visit the historic cathedral (3rd tallest in Latin America) and climb the stairs to the top of the highest belfry
  • Chipre district offers local shops with crafts and panoramic valley views.
  • Ride the gondola and connect vibrant neighborhoods and restaurants.